music lessons

Learn to Sing

Are you an absolute beginner who has never sung in front of anyone before, love singing, but don't know where to start? Or are you someone who has just started singing in front of others, are getting good feedback and want to start refining your voice? Whatever the reason, if you consider yourself a beginner, my singing lessons are perfect for you. I structure my lessons in a way that are digestible and easy to follow. We begin with warm up exercises that are fun and intuitive and then move on to more focused exercises based on what you would like to improve in your voice. I focus on body awareness which allows you to FEEL what your body instinctively wants to do when singing and from here, we peel back any unhealthy habits you may have and build up healthy ones. We also focus on songs of your choice and work on refining your performance of these songs. If this is something that excites you, book your lesson in now!    

Learn to play Rhythm guitar 

Playing rhythm guitar is such a great skill to have, especially if you're a singer and want to be able to accompany yourself. It unlocks many possibilities when it comes to performing, whether that's in front of your family or on stage in front of thousands of people. It means being able to play anything you want without having to rely on another musician or musicians and offers a raw quality to your performance, something that singing to a backing track just doesn't quite deliver. Not only that, learning rhythm guitar does not take long. Within weeks, you'll be able to sing and play to your favourite songs, which is an exhilarating feeling in itself. In my lessons you'll learn: 

  • Strumming Patterns
  • Open Chords and Barre Chords
  • Using a Capo 
  • Finger-picking 
  • Singing and Playing Rhythm Guitar
  • And more!

learn other stuff

Songwriting Skills

• Lyric writing • Melody writing • Getting creative juices flowing and more!

Performance Skills

• Getting comfortable performing on stage • How to set up a PA for live performances • Microphone Technique

Basic music theory

• Scales • Intervals • Harmony and chords • Identifying Keys • Reading a lead-sheet/Chord chart and more! 


Music lessons Pricing

Please note that payments are made in cash on the day of the lesson or via bank transfer within 1 week of the lesson. If payment is made via bank transfer an invoice will be sent to you after your lesson. Payments for packages are to be made in full before your lessons begin via bank transfer. Please advise how you'd like to make payment.

• 30 min lesson $30

• 1 hr lesson $50


• 5 x 30 min lessons $100

• 5 x 1 hr lessons $200